Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DC, TappedIn, and more pictures...


Hope you have had a good day. Dr. Parks and I set out on foot with only a couple of hours to spare and took a few pictures. I have uploaded some to Orkut. Most interesting was the Organization of American States building -- quite honestly I don't know that I had ever heard of it (but I probably did in US History or Government class). Anyway, there is a Brazilian flag out front along with the other South American countries' flags. I tried to get a picture of it fluttering in the breeze. It was stubborn and refused to unfurl, so I have a poor shot of it. I used the picture of the building as the album cover for the pictures.

Today was interesting. When I first tried to work with Tapped In, bjb walked me through the set up and everything. I discovered that she would be at the conference and gave her my phone number. Today, she called and she wanted me to meet her at 2:00 today, I thought just to say hello -- It turns out that she wanted me to talk to a guy who is making Tapped In more comprehensive as a learning site. They wanted a classroom teachers perspective, and since you and I have written that perspective for them, and I just happen to be here, I met with them. They wanted to hear all about what we are doing and what our plans are. I think it was an honor for our project to be held in such high regard.

Everyone is asking about what we are doing. It has really made me feel good to be able to share your e-mail from yesterday about what your students said about the encounter with my students. It is kind of the icing on the cake to realize how much it has meant to the students.

Check Orkut. I didn't take much time to make comments, but the pictures are there.---Cathy

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