Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On new students, holidays, the DC trip…

June 17, 2009

From: Tyrone ---Lots of things to talk about:(Responses from Cathy in green)

1st: I sent you the new students' pictures just in case you find it necessary to change their photos. Some of them at blog were not that good and as the book is going to be black/white I think some of the last ones I sent could be used to change the others. But, it is up to you: if you think the ones you have uploaded are good and will be visible on the book, you can keep them there. Just in case you want to change them, you do so, ok? (Students didn't complain about their pictures) I will change some of the pictures of the students to the ones from Orkut. Some of them are much better. I love to go in and look at the kids. It is worth the time.

2. See the new part of the bulletin board. It is comprised with your new students' pictures.
I will use pictures of your bulletin board on my backdrop at NECC and also of you so that people will know who I am talking about. You do such a professional job with everything you do. It is a joy to work with you.

3. Some students have already visited your trip album. They loved the scenery. It is very beautiful!!!! Some of them have posted comments there. Thank you for having shared a bit your private life there. Georgia mountains are beautiful. It is a very special spot to my family. So do you believe there was really a bear? I wonder.

4. June 24th is Saint John's Day. Here in the Northeast of Brazil Saint John's Day is loved by everyone, mainly in the country side. Some people think our carnival (that is the biggest in the world) is the biggest celebration in Bahia, but it isn't: carnival is the biggest celebration in Salvador, but the rest of the state celebrate São João. People that live in big cities like Salvador are used to going to little towns in the country side of the state: there the "Festa de São João" is very powerful and typical: it involves everybody who lives in such small towns. I won't go on a trip to the country side during our São João because I have to study and write my monograph: I am supposed to write at least 30 pages of it during this period. I have to give my monograph to the professor in August. So, I have to use this time well. If possible, I will send you some pictures of the public events that we are going to have here during Saint Johns' celebration.

By the way, my monograph will be about our experience and its title is "Alunos da Parque como sujeitos diaspóricos virtuais' (Parque Students as virtual diasporic subjects). Isn't it great???

You should post your explanation of the holiday on the Escola Parque blog.

5. We will have classes till tomorrow and then we will have about 15 days off. Classes will restart on July 6th. So, we are going to have classes together from this date on - of course, if your students are there too. Unfortunately, when your students come back, mine will be gone until the middle of August. But that gives us time to plan. I will talk with your students. And in TappedIn I can make comments also.

6. I am so excited about this book!! I had another idea concerning the autograph, as it'll be difficult to see the 2009 class, you and your juniors could autograph the book: you would autograph the first page and juniors would do it on the pages of their poems. See the coincidence: twenty years ago, I got a school book of poems in which there was one of mine written - the year was 1989 (I was in high school by then); now it is my time to make my students have theirs, with your precious help, of course.

I think we can make the autographs happen perhaps a few of the old seniors. R---- is already taking a class in graphic arts at the Southwestern Illinois College. I am very proud of him. I think he would come sign. The triplets too. I do have a question. What do you think if we included pictures of some of the students who participated in Global Connections, but did not write poems? Then they can feel a part of the memory. Not everyone is a writer, but everyone in our whole big group of students is special. And I think our kids need every chance to feel they are an important part of this successful project.

7. I know you are very creative...The drawing idea is good but if we "invent" to do so, this book will be printed next year and I will have a heartache of anxiety.....!!! (Just kidding) Please your friend asks you "to delete this idea...."

You don't understand I don't want them to illustrate this book. I want them to illustrate our 2nd book. We can't stop now. We have to top all this wonderful stuff we have done.

8. If you have any news about our TappedIn article please let me know, ok?

Tapped In will send a copy of the newsletter to our joint g-mail account.

We will both have to print it.

9. has Dr. Parks been informed about what we have done? have she known about my students' movie maker?

Dr. Parks does know about everything we do. She says that when she gets frustrated and feels like things are just too crazy, she likes to come down and find out what we are doing, and she realizes that there are good things happening. I am so glad that she went to Brasil and to your school.

10. Tomorrow I will present a PowerPoint to my colleagues related to our project. I am a bit ashamed to do so, because I have lots of things to show them and the majority of them won't have anything so meaningful to show. Unfortunately, they didn't have the luck to be involved in a project like ours....So, it will be a bit embarrassing to me...

I hope you see pictures of the book so you can include it in your PPT.

Make them feel really bad because they don't do exciting work that we do. (just

kidding) They should be impressed though.

It is enough for today!!
See you tomorrow and as this book is on our minds all the time, don't forget to sleep well please! ---Tyrone

June 17, 2009
If the kids want their pictures changed, I would like for them to let me know by Wednesday next week – preferably the day they have class with you – or if you want to just tell me who to change out, that way I can get it done and order the final copies.

I really need to spend next week getting ready for NECC. I will use student pictures, your bulletin board pictures that you shared with me, US and Brazil flags, and the one copy of “the book!” I will also make a brochure of sites to use.

Tell me more about this upcoming holiday. What is it called? How do you celebrate? What dates will school be out? It sounds like fun. Would you take pictures to share on Orkut?

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