Monday, June 29, 2009

Tyrone gathers data on student learning...

Subject: My monograph
Good evening!!! As I can see we can't play games with copyrights! Sometimes we pretend we are naive and all of a sudden we have surprises like the Microsoft one!! The best thing is that you have changed the cover on time!!

I am happy with our success at the conference. I hope you learn new things to share with me during our classes!

As you know, I am at home till July 5 and I have used this period to write my monograph. As I have told you, it will be about our project. Now I am reading students' answers to the following questions: What have the interaction with African American Lovejoy students meant to you? and What are the lessons you have learned with such interaction?

100% of them said our project is great, and they loved interacting with your students. Everybody said that your students have taught them how to face obstacles and to have hope, despite the difficulties!!! By doing this questionnaire, I have been able to have their feedback; and I have seen that they have the feeling your students are their "brothers and sisters". One of them even said maybe yours have a more difficult life than theirs. They don't know but our project has helped us to increase their self esteem.

The title of the monograph is Parque School students as virtual diasporic subjects. Their answers do give me enough material to prove they have had a diasporic dialog with your students and technology has played an important role in this context!!

Can you see how nice it is!!!

By the way, why don't you use our experience to an academic proposal,like a doctorate? i think maybe I can use this experience to get my master's degree...

God bless us all!! --- Tyrone

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