Friday, June 5, 2009

TappedIn -- movies, discussion, perspective?...

June 5, 2009

Cathy, Your TappedIn ideas are awesome!!! Now my students are more familiar with this site. I think they'll contribute more with it from now on. I have just talked about the movies just to remember you about them, but I know we have done lots of things and working with a movie now is not something urgent. The printing of the book is urgent, so as juniors know my staff better; so, we can work with Tapped In during June and afterward we can watch another movie with our students.

One more thing: Please ask your juniors to take pictures of their faces so that mine can know them better. ---Tyrone

June 5, 2009

Tyrone, Oooh, I don’t know how I let that one get by. Yes! Let’s do it! We have so much to tell. Look at some of the perspectives that were attached to that e-mail. You can write about what it meant to your students. I can write about what it meant to mine.

Perhaps we can upload the poems into Tapped In as well. Oh, by the way, I moved all the transcript notices that came to our g-mail account to a folder called Freedom Writers. I also moved some of the transcripts where I was talking to the tech staff to a folder called Tapped In Staff, and anything from the G-Mail Team to a folder for that. I figure we needed to make room for the next movie. The last day for my students is June 11. A few will come to summer school, so they can continue to talk to your students through June. Then we will come back on August 17.

If we start a movie right away, we will have to stop before the discussion gets good. Can we just let them get to know each other as more students post to the blog? Maybe we could give them some discussion questions in Tapped In, such as, if you were to have a fire at your house and you had to save three things (not people or pets—they are all out), what would they be and why. A question like that really gives them a chance to find out what they are really like. Then they can talk to each other about their choices and make changes if necessary. Another would be, What is the most difficult problem that you have to face in your community? With your family? That would help them learn about the values of their families and communities. Another might be, What is the most important celebration for your family? What do you do? Why is it important? This could be a holiday, birthdays, or religious celebration. What do you think?

Please make suggestions for other questions too. Then in August, when we come back, we can start with the movies you sent me.

I will try to work on my part of the perspective this weekend. I will send it to you and you can send me yours when you get to it. We need to submit it by Wednesday next week.---Cathy

June 4, 2009

Cathy, are you going to write the article to the Tapped In site, as we have been invited to? Please, let me know about it. One more thing, it is time to think about the next movie we are going to watch, isn't it? Of course, I know you must be very busy with your students' poems; in case you need more weeks to think about a new movie, just tell me. I will easily understand your situation. --- Tyrone

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