Thursday, May 15, 2008

2nd Year - the heat is on

May 2008 School is almost out. Capstone 1 is done. It wasn't too bad once I got the hang of it. I still have so much to learn. We were lucky to have a great teacher who seemed to really care if we learned anything. She was always available to help. We are supposed to meet up in San Antonio at NECC. Wonder if we really will.

Easter, 2008 - Jim Moulton is back. Still all enthusiasm -- I wish I could do all he is talking about, but I am not sure I will ever reach that level of competency with technology.

March, 2008 - This isn't so bad. I think I am getting the hang of it. I always remember Dr. Brewbaker, when you hear "research" bells should ring. Maybe I have finally grown up -- the bells are ringing (at 52, I guess it's about time).

February, 2008 - I decided to create a webquest for Capstone. It's a monster -- but it has everything anyone ever thought of putting in one. Can't wait until we are through.

January, 2008 - Capstone 1? What is this stuff? Did I really sign something saying I would do this if we got the grant?

December 2007 - Okay, I've got it. Technology is no good if you just use it to be using it.

November, 2007 - Project Based Learning - Didn't I study this in college (30 years ago) -- same stuff, different names? Essential Questions -- that is new -- who ever heard of a teacher asking a question without knowing the answer? This guy (Jim Moulton) is so good with this PBL and technology. He really believes it works. The kids sure listen to him. He left his e-mail address and says write if we have questions. Wonder if he really means it?

August, 2007 - Colonial Williamsburg? -- sounds like something for the history teacher to me. Guess I can tie it to American Lit. Where does she (the superintendent) come up with these ideas? And Capstone? What in the world...