Sunday, May 16, 2010

On videos and school relationships

Cathy: To solve my problem with sending the video, I joined the free Microsoft video site and tried again. This time, it told me that it could not handle my video (too big). Talk about frustrated!!! But then, it saved the wmv version to my computer. Then I could upload to FaceBook and YouTube -- so I was finally happy and went to bed. I have not used the Movie Maker before, but we like so much what your students do... I have to try these things and understand them myself... This year I do not have experts at all things technology in my class -- last year it was Maurio... so I muddled through and now I can teach my students to do it.

In reference to the beautiful video which Tyrone's students made as a farewell to the Lovejoy seniors, Cathy responded: "As for including you and Escola Parque, how could I not? The students said to me that it had to be there. I have watched them move from being a little reluctant to looking forward to talking to all of you. (Down South, we say y'all as the plural for you) Melanie is also including you guys in her valedictorian speech where she runs down a list of important accomplishments.

Melanie was their spokesperson at the appreciation dinner -- and she mentioned how special learning to communicate with you and your students was, and how not many students in the US have that opportunity.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Comments from Tyrone

These remarks are in response to the Appreciation Dinner that the Lovejoy seniors gave last night for their moms, their teachers and administrators, and the school board members. Students raised money themselves to pay for the buffet dinner.

I got really touched with your Orkut pictures!!! Congratulations on your effort to be a good teacher and become unforgettable to your students: that´s the greatest award you can have! God bless you!! Everything is so beautiful and serious!!!... Brasil has become more and more important in international scenery, due to our government and our oil, but we need to improve our educational system so that the majority of your boys and girls have a better future. In this sense, you Americans have great lessons to teach us!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On Celebrations...

This project has not been as effective as the Facing the Future project. I think it is more impersonal than the other. There are submissions but they are so varied in length. We may have to carry this project over into the new school year.

And speaking of celebrations, it is time for prom and graduation activities for the Lovejoy seniors. We have many activities planned. Pictures will be shared with Escola Parque using Orkut. We may even try to use Windows Moviemaker to share some of these pictures with Escola Parque.