Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A New Project from Tyrone - Native Indians & States of Brasil and USA

I have a new school Project: I will make my students reflect a bit about both Brazilian and American Indians. They will make researches on this subject. More specifically, they will see the number of states in Brazil and in US whose names are Indian. For instance, the states of Pará, Paraná, Goiás in Brasil; Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa in US. After such researches, they will use Microsoft Publisher to illustrate the learning they acquire. (See the example that is attached). After having used Publisher to illustrate Brasilian and American “Indian” states, I will use a banner to put their work together. In fact, two banners will be used: one for Brasilian states; other, for American ones. I think this activity will be very nice and interesting. It will make students know more about our Indians and the history of names of our 26 states. They will also compare our history with the American’s. They do not know anything about American history and states. So, they will be able to know how many states you have, the states whose names have an Indian background and, of course, they will learn a bit both Brazilian and American ethnic groups. I hope you can also work with this Project because half of the American States have Indian names and in general Indians are forgotten by our schools...

PS: Microsoft Publisher activity:

1. flag of the state;

2. The etymology of the state name;

3. An image to illustrate such definition or etymological meaning.