Sunday, June 28, 2009

Presentation over...

I wish you could have been with us. We were one of the most popular booths in the whole room. Dr. Parks and I were both hoarse by time it was over. I will upload pictures in the morning. We talked to around 200 people. I ran out of brochures, business cards, everything. I believe that you can expect e-mail from people.

There were a couple of teachers from Brazil. One man from Brazil is with Smart Technologies and wants to know more about the project. I believe he will call you. There was a gentleman from Peru, people from Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey (I promised to send her a copy of the book), Korea, a department of education representative from the Virgin Islands, Ireland (the gentleman from Dissolving Boundaries - a research source listed in the brochure) and from many US states.

So many people asked so many questions -- we were busy the whole time and even earlier. It was so much fun to get to talk to everyone. They came from all over.

I will close for now because I am very tired. I will post pictures at Orkut when I wake up in the morning. ---Cathy

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