Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Our" poster session was a success...

Never once has this project been considered "mine" by Tyrone or myself or as belonging to just one group of kids. In a collaborative project, it is so important that everything be done together. Earlier, Tyrone described us as the "parents" of the project. That too is an important concept -- for it to be successful, we believe that the project must belong to the students. We are there to coordinate, set up experiences, but it is actually up to the kids "buying into it" that will make the project a success.

When the banner was made to be posted at the booth, it could not read, "Lovejoy" without "Escola Parque" getting equal billing. The brochure could not be just with the e-mail of the Lovejoy teacher; it must also have the Escola Parque teacher. There was one major problem with our booth -- Tyrone was not there. I had asked ISTE if they had grants available for such use. They did not.

The morning following the poster session, e-mail from Tyrone was waiting for me:

Congratulations!!!!!! I knew you would do a good job there!!! I think the very fact that "our" booth was among the most popular one gives us the dimension of how awesome and new our work is!!! I can't wait longer to see your pictures!!! I will use the pictures to illustrate the outside bulletin board.

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