Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The project continues...

June 3, 2009

Cathy, Regarding the Project, …My priority hás been to feed the blogs with my students comments. They have done that, not only answering to your juniors comments at our blog but also visiting your students’ blogs and posting messages to your class.

By the way, please I ask you to ask your students to have a look at our blog and read our students’ answers for them; to look at their own blogs to see any comments you must have sent and have a look at Lovejoy blog because my students have posted lots of comments there.

We have done something very amusing these days: students have recorded a vídeo via cellular in which they talk a bit about their lives. These vídeos will be uploaded in YouTube so that your students can see and hear my students’ voices. Please see the photos of the moment some of them were recording their part in the vídeo. ---Tyrone

I hope our financial problems be solved as soon as possible, so that my students attend classes from 8 to 11:30am again. But, as you must have seen through the pictures I sent to you, my students and I have been working a lot. There is a man called Jean, a tech man of Parque School staff, that has helped me using cell phones and uploading students videos to the YouTube. He is a great man and is always there when you need....

Don't forget to tell your boys and girls to feed the blogs: it is very important doing so!!

Let me tell you: when my students were making comments to yours at the blogs, we visited C---'s blog and I was touched when I found out about his incarcerated father. After that, everything started to make sense for me, I mean, what he wrote in his poem does have to do with his private life. In this sense, I asked my students to write to him in his blog. So, tell C--- to have a look at his blog: there are some messages for him there. Tell him to stay focused and don't let anyone or anything destroy his dreams! Tell him we like him a lot!!! ---Tyrone

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