Friday, June 5, 2009

On asking for help, professional blog,, and documentation

June 5, 2009

Tyrone's Thoughts: I will ask the tech man, teacher Gerson, or Jean, the boy that has helped with the videos to be sent to you, whether they have any suggestions concerning the printing of the book. I will ask them if they know any available site that allows to publish students' texts and their images. Isn't it what you are worried about as Word is not suitable for this matter?

I did love your idea about a professional blog. I have a colleague who is a Portuguese teacher that has a personal blog, a kind of a professional one, in which she shares her ideas, activities puzzles, etc, to teach Portuguese. In our case, we should see a place in which we could upload our e-mails (and I think we have already sent almost a hundred of them to each other).

As I told you, now at Parque School everything that we do has to be written - at least the most important experiences we have during our classes. I, for instance, haven’t gone to school without a digital camera inside my bag, because everything I do needs to be reported and written. For example, I sent pictures of the class students are recording a video, didn’t I? So, afterwards, I needed to write something to report about that experience. Nobody asked me to do so, but as I know doing that is important to me, I did it. See the attached text.

I don’t have any problems related to YouTube. Here at Parque School we see YouTube materials without any problems but when create a video through movie maker we need to convert such videos and the movie maker itself has a tool for this conversion.

I have to find time to write something regarding TappedIn use as an educational tool. I agree with you: I can write something about my experiences with my students and you, with yours. Of course, it is also worth writing something about our point of view of the whole process of Tapped in use. Do you remember the deadline to send this text in June?

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