Thursday, July 16, 2009

School is not out in Brasil...

I remind you at this point that school is still in session in Brasil. It is winter there. They attend school the same seasons we do, so there is a break in the time that the students are in school at the same time.

Tyrone writes: My students recorded a video with some information about their lives. I hope they send this by tomorrow. There are 15 students trying to speak English. There is the transcription of their dialogues in English, in case you and your students can't understand some stretches of their speaking. When you see the video, take into account that they don't speak English and I just see them once a week. In addition, I face the attendance problem as I have told you. Despite such problems, they have recorded the material and, on the whole, I liked the result .

My friend, there is a group called "Lanterninha", something like, Small Lantern", that work with movies: they are young movie directors with whom my nucleus at Parque School have worked for a year. They were at Parque this morning to decide with us which movies students would watch during this second semester. I told them we would work with Teen Mothers, as soon as your students came back. Then, Fábio, a young movie director, asked me to tell you that after your students see "our" national movie, they should put an image of the movies on your bulletin board, like I did with Freedom Writers'. As I could notice, he wanted you to give the same importance to our movie industry as we do with the American one. Would you mind looking for Teen Mothers image at Google, print it and put it on your bulletin board? I think it would be meanigful for both my students and these young directors.

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