Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It is amazing what it does for the students to have an audience. Every time we go online, every time they show a parent or other adult what they are doing, every time the press shows up to see what is happening --- it validates what the students are doing. Their ability to think, their interest in something or someone outside of their own small world -- it builds self-esteem, it broadens their horizons.

It is for this reason that we want to share what our students are doing. We believe that this is a major component of 21st century education. We live in a global community connected to people we may never see in person; and our students must prepared to use critical thinking skills to function in a rapidly changing world.

July 15, 2009

Cathy, Sorry for not having answered your e-mails till now. I worked the 3 terms today....

Great news about the book!! As your kids are going to be at school just on August 17, I think you could send the books with your autograph. I think you could autograph the whole amount of books. I know it will be tiring for you but....

I haven't told you about new students that have come for this new semester. In fact, they won't be many: about 10. I have asked them to write texts about themselves and next week they are going to upload their texts and photos to blog.

Thank you for your determination in finding a way to make me go to the US. let's see if our government will be able to do something for me. In fact, I can't expect too much for them. Several e-mails have been sent to our government comprising our project but things here have been more difficult than in the US....

The interview for the a state magazine was very nice. Please see the pictures. The state magazine is going to be published about August. So, we will have to wait for that a bit...

Students are adding personal texts on their PPT's regarding black hairstyle the like most and the ones they think are to bring social problems to the boys/girls that use them. For instance, dreadlocks are not well seen when Afrodescendent apply for a job. Students made comments about what they thought about it. After having these texts translated into English, I will send part of the PPT for you and i would like you to show them to your students when they come back so that they can create their own PowerPoint's and give their own opinions. (maybe we could use Tapped in for the discussion besides the PPT's)

I will mail you the video in which part of my students talk about themselves in English. It is just a matter of finding time to mail it...---Tyrone

July 14, 2009
Tyrone, Hope all is well. The box (of books) came today. I will have to send yours to you via USPS. Fed Ex is $400, UPS is $300, and USPS (which will take 10 days) is closer to $100 -- our budget maybe can handle $100.

I have not opened the box. I thought I should wait until morning with a SKYPE
call so you and your students can see. Will that work for you? I could call
about 9:00 a.m. your time.

Next time, we will start the book in January so that it will be mailed to you
before school is out. :-) ---Cathy

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