Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Books mailed...

Cathy: I signed my picture in the back of each book. I delivered them to the Post Office. The guy said they will arrive at customs in Brasil in 7-10 days. Then the delivery is in their hands. So if things go well, you may have them in two weeks.

Tyrone: It'll be marvelous when I have the books in my hands! Students will love seeing your signature!!! Of course, I will also sign my name!!! ( I am so proud of the book!) Parque School will prepare an event to give them to the students. We will invite Education Department people to attend the ceremony. It'll be an important moment for me!!! Can you imagine if you were here beside me to give them their books? I think I will suggest them to read their poems as soon as they receive their copies.

Cathy: How awesome!! Take lots of pictures!!! I think it is an excellent idea. I wish we had finished before my kids got out of school. Then we could have both had a presentation ceremony at the same time. I still may do it with the juniors -- at the same time as yours -- if we are back in school.

Why don't you have your students read the poems that they wrote -- or a select few that are not afraid to be on stage -- or do this -- have them record them in the safety of your room using voicethread. Then they don't have to be afraid to stand up in front of a crowd. You could pick poems of some of their favorite students that they conversed with -- or just some of their favorite poems -- and record them (in Portuguese, of course, unless your audience also speaks English.

I did a sample of what I mean. If school has started back, I could get one or two students with short poems to read them in English and then you or one of the students could read the Portuguese translation. Just ideas -- if none of them work, that is okay. But take a look if you don't mind.

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