Sunday, July 19, 2009

PowerPoints on hairstyles...

Tyrone: I could not help waiting for sending Cathy my students' PPTs on Black hairstyles. I know you will love their jobs!!! They did more than just upload people's hairstyle to the PPTs and write the name of the hairstyles: they wrote a text about Black hairstyles they like most and the ones they knew society and Labor market are used to discriminating. After having read their comments, I notice the high level of black consciousness they have. Their self-esteems are nice, and they do not accept or agree with the discrimination in Labor markets due to ones' hair style. I hope Lovejoy students can see these PPTs and discuss them, doing their own afterward. I think this is a simple activity that is very meaningful. I could not help waiting for your students' reaction when they see my students job...

Cathy: The kids did an awesome job. I will send my comments on each one. I am learning about their personalities as I look at these -- the design they choose, the discussion of discrimination -- some seem more accepting, some (like A---) seem almost angry. I hope the students understand that we are all teaching each other -- students teaching students, teachers teaching students (and each other), and students teaching teachers.

I will ask my neighbor who is Human Resources manager at a major law firm to respond to their comments about hairstyles in the labor market.

I love what they are doing and I am saving their work to share -- school will be back in session soon. My Lovejoy students will also do PPT's to share with Escola Parque.

I want to figure out how we can use to record voices and attach it to the PPT's -- I think that would be cool. They will soon have a way we can upload these kinds of things into our classroom in TappedIn. It may be easier than trying to e-mail it all -- we will see.

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