Saturday, July 25, 2009

On recognition in Brasil...

Tyrone: I spent the afternoon yesterday making a "merchandising" or propaganda of our project during a small conference on education we had in Lauro de Freitas town, a place where I also work. I showed our project to the Secretário de Educação, or the Director of the Education Department of Lauro de Freitas and to Lauro de Freitas Teachers' union: all of them loved the project and I am to see them afterward in order to see how we can use this project or my experience in the fields of technology/education in Lauro de Freitas. I was also invited to present a workshop at a conference that will occur next September or October.

Cathy: That's so awesome!!! I am happy to see you getting to present in Brasil. I know you will do a terrific job. Have you noticed that there is very little media interest in our project here? Brooklyn is very small (700 people); and because of the adult entertainment and high crime rate, everyone thinks it is a terrible place. Well, it can be pretty bad at times, but the people who live here love their town, and they are proud of their heritage. The media is always eager to report killings and drug busts -- but not something good in education. It is disappointing. But we are not here for the publicity (although we enjoy it); we are here for the kids and I think making a difference.

Tyrone: The magazine that will be published belongs to the Department of Education, but the article they will publish about our project will be a result of my direct calling to the magazine staff people. As a colleague of mine that works for the teachers' union told me yesterday, funding projects here in Brasil has to do with political matters. If I belonged to this or that party things would be easier for me. Unfortunately, things here are this way. You do seem to have a more serious country in the field of education. See how many grants and conferences you have the chance to go to in your country... I can't compare it to Brasil. Anyway, nothing is perfect and we will survive and succeed!!!

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