Friday, July 17, 2009

It doesn't hurt to ask

So the excitement increases. We were unable to connect for the book opening, so I decided to record it with my web cam talking about it. The sound was horrible, and I need to learn what to do to improve that. So I uploaded it to YouTube anyway and made it private to anyone except us.

You won't believe this, but I received a call from the Brasilian consulate in Chicago. The ambassador wants to know more about what we are doing. He wants a writeup of our project and how when we would like to get you here. The lady who called said that he has to submit a budget by November for the following year. Then they would have to approve it in Brasil, of course. But the good news. They would like a proposal. They might provide air fare.

How did I make this correspondence happen. I went online and googled Brazilian Embassy and used the contact e-mail address. I told them a little about the project and of course about the book. I asked if they could help pay to mail it to Brasil. So while I was at it, I decided to shoot for the stars. I asked if they had any funding to bring educators from Brasil to the U.S.

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