Thursday, July 9, 2009

No time to quit talking...


Tell Mariana and Jessica Daiane that they did a nice job. I did not know some of the styles by the same name. When we go back to school, I will have my students do a PPT with our names for the different styles. What a good idea! --Cathy

July 9, 2009

Heeeelllllllllllooooooooo, Cathy!!

How are you, Cathy! Several days without talking to you...

Have your students had classes, or have they already been off school these days? Three things to tell you: 1st: The video we have prepared is ready. Our tech man here needs just to put legends on it, so that you can understand some scenes that may not be so clear;

2nd, the reporter is to make that interview next week,by Tuesday;

3rd, my students prepared a PowerPoint about different Black hairstyle this week. I will just ask them to write something about the such hairstyle at the end of PowerPoint presentation. They will do so next week. The activity was funny: they went to their Class school and took pictures of their colleagues there. Some of them were attending classes, so they asked the teachers to take the pictures. Afterward, they come back to school to prepare the PowerPoint.

The usage of technology makes us not only "learn how to learn" but also teaches lots of things. I, for instance, realized after this PowerPoint activity, that our black boys and girls have been greatly influenced by Black American young people, due to hip hop movement, Basketball, MTV, singers, etc. I had an impression that I was not doing anything that would be new for you, as our kids' style is similar to yours. Anyway, please have a look at the PowerPoint and see if there is something new: maybe the afro with tribal designs or the small coconut-tree hair. --- Tyrone

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  1. Wonderful job, Cathy!!!

    I loved your idea and this blog!!