Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trying New Sites...

November 1, 2009

Of utmost importance is the willingness to expand your knowledge by exploring the many websites available. Tyrone and I constantly tried new sites. Some we threw out, some we adopted as very good and useful for our purpose.

Cathy, Could you please scan the brochure you displayed at your booth? I would love to see and read it!---Tyrone

Cathy, Thank you for having sent both unit plan and brochure! I hope we can see your your students next Wednesday!

In fact I am just trying to find new tools for us! I tried to put a Slideshare link at our blog, but it was not possible; now I am trying to use Picasa; it allows us to work with slides. I will ask my colleague to help me with this staff. As soon as possible, I will give you a feedback on this matter.

I sent my principal your conference documents and pictures. He is very excited about everything! He immediately sent the photos to the whole Center and to the State Secretary of Education! He told me: I don’t know till where you will go, but I will do my best to help you!

I am very proud of everything! I wonder how Brazilian principals will react when they see what we have been doing together!---Tyrone

Em 00:12, escreveu:

Tyrone, I clicked on the link to accept the invitation. It took me to register
for my own account. I did that (username: cathyamcd) and sent you a message. I
also uploaded my PPT from the conference. Rae also had one, but I must ask her
if she minds if I upload it. I do not know how to go to your slideshows. Help!!!! Thanks! ---Cathy

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