Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Continuously looking, conversing, sharing ideas...

November 11, 2008

We were constantly looking for ideas. Many were discussed. Some were used. Some were put on the back burner. Remember that while in the U.S., we start school in August/September, Brasil starts their year in February/March. When the U.S. gets out for Christmas break, Brasil gets out for Christmas and summer vacation. Coordinating the time change to Daylight Time was also a challenge.

Cathy,I think ideas are always welcome! This, for instance, is nice! So, you want my students to talk about their lives year by year remembering anything meaningful for each year? I think it is great! I don't know how they would link their lives to Brasil X US history. Of course, if they were 17, 18 years old they could do that by themselves. I will need to help them in this staff. Anyway, I will ask my students to firstly associate each year of their lives with an image and a short text. Afterwards, I will make them know or remember important facts that had happened in Brazil and in the US. I have great news for you: next year (The school year starts in February/March in Brasil) I will work with high school students and things will be better for both of us!

I talked to the principal today about next Monday, Nov 17. I suggested him some students did performances on our cultural background so that both visitors and you could see. I need to know what time you will be online on Monday. In general, you are on line at about 10:30 our time here. If so, I would like you to be online at this time. Is it possible? Here we are not at Daylight Saving Time. It is the same time we both are used to entering the net: about 10:30. if you want to enter about 10 am, it will be nice, anyway, but please tell me when you are going to be online on Monday. Will your students be there? Will there be translators to the Brazilian visitors? How much time can I spend with my students’ performances? I look forward to your answer!

Em 14:42, Cathy McDonald escreveu:

Tyrone, As I was looking at another teacher's project, I thought it might be something we could do with our classes. What if they made a time line of their lives with an event that happened for each year. It could be using PowerPoint with a different slide for each year of their life. Then they could look on the Internet to find something that happened in Brazil, and something that happened in the United States for each year. Then they can present it to the class. If you want, we could pair the students one-to-one, and they could e-mail each other to share what they find. --Cathy

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