Thursday, November 13, 2008

Brasilian Principals' Reception

November 13, 2009

At this point at Lovejoy, we were preparing to host a visit from three award winning principals from Brasil, none of whom spoke English. An interpreter would travel with them. This was an awesome time to present what had been done by the students to the community, adult audience as well as a student audience. We wanted to print the program in Portuguese as well as English. The translator sites work okay, but translations need to be monitored by someone who speaks both languages. Tyrone was so gracious to check the translations and make the necessary corrections. Our guests were delighted to have the translation available. We provided the interpreter with a script of any parts we had pre-written.

The week before a shorter version of the program was presented to the parents of the students involved. This can be done in any school to showcase the student work. We purchased a Brasilian flag and marched it in with the U.S. flag. The colors were posted in both programs, with the national anthems played for both. The students took such pride in being a part of this. (A word of warning: it is important to brief the students and probably adults involved about the proper flag protocol for our flag and for when the national anthem of another country is played or sung.) This can be made a part of the program with students explaining what they have learned, so that no one is insulted or belittled in the process of educating them.
Following is e-mail regarding the translation of the program. Once again an insight into culture. Students should always be briefed when e-mail is exchanged between teachers. It is a truly a learning opportunity.

If you haven't translated your text yet, I will give you a suggestion of just translating Posting of the colors as "Hasteamento da Bandeira".
Here in Brazil, in general, we don't have anything similar to that posting of the colors. Here we have soldiers or someone at the flag pole and this person in the morning rasies the flag. We also have that in ceremonies. Although it is not properly the way we do here I think you can translate that way: Posting of the Colors Flag Ceremony (Hasteamento das Cores - Cerimônia das Bandeiras); regarding the Revelation Mime Ministry, the translation is: Mínistério Mimico Revelação.

Please see Portuguese corrections in the text. The only doubts I have are regarding the "posting of the colors". What do you want to do with it? Is it related heaving of flags? If so, it can be translated as: "Hasteamento das Bandeiras". Another thing is Revelation Mime Ministry. Is Mime here literally referring to mime "a play without words, in which actors use signs to express what is happining?" Revelation Ministry is Ministério da Revelação
The translation of Mime will depend on its meaning.
P.S: Our classes here will finish on December 17. We don't have snow in Brazil but just two or three cities in the South Region of Brazil. ---Tyrone

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