Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spreading the news to others.

Global Collaboration does work. My superintendent and I attended the T&L Conference in Seattle, sharing about the project with board members and superintendents from around the US.

Meanwhile in Brasil.

!! I was interviewed by the most important newspaper in my state (Bahia). In fact, it is the most important newspaper in the Northeast of Brazil! Its name is Jornal A Tarde. The reporter had looked for public schools in which teachers worked with technology as a pedagogic tool. Someone told him about Parque School. So, he went there and the principal made him talk to me.
I told him everything about our job together. The usage of skype, blog and orkut tools and the other ones I intend to use as soon as possible!
I got very excited after the interview. He made some questions to my student Luciene and I showed him our blog and our orkut. He could see your students' photos and projects.
The article on our "Global Connections" will be published next Wednesday! When it is published I hope I can find a way to make you see the article.

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