Sunday, April 12, 2009

Skype and TappedIn

April 12, 2009

Hi, Cathy!!! I hope you recover as soon as possible. I saw you during the last Skype meeting: you were very elegant!!

R---, F----, J---, F----, among others, were very attentive to the Skype time.---Tyrone

My students were so excited this past Wednesday. They love to talk with your students. I think you are right. Let’s make SKYPE for getting to know each other and use Tapped In for discussing the movies. I hope you will put questions in the discussion as well. Jeff has suggested that the students write their answers in MS Word and then copy and paste into the discussion (translating where necessary). I am glad Felipe participated in the discussion. I hope more of your students will. If they write in Portuguese, we will translate and ask questions if we don’t understand.

I will send you copies of my lesson plans as well – that way when we share in
our classes and presentations, we have the whole story. I will send them to you
later this week. ---Cathy

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