Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Let the blogs begin...

September 24, 2008

Tyrone, The kids really enjoyed the chat today. I don't know what our problem was with the webcam. Maybe we will get it right next week.
The students not talking to you went into the blogs. It took a while because each one had to set up a blog to make comments to yours. That may be the problem you encountered with Taking It Global. This one works fine.
I hope your students enjoy looking at the comments on each of their blogs. I tried to make sure everyone had a response. I will have more students responding tomorrow. ---Cathy

September 23, 2008

Tyrone, We will call at 10:30 your time. Your blog is wonderful. I did not get your e-mail until afternoon. My laptop crashed and I am afraid that I have lost all my e-mail addresses and downloads. Unfortunately, I did not back up all of my work to a flash drive. I always remind the kids to do it, and then I didn't. Not a good example, I'm afraid. Some students will go on your blog while others talk tomorrow. We look forward to it. ---Cathy

September 22, 2008

Cathy, I am waiting for our Wednesday class together. I would like your students to have a look and make comments in our blog whose address is: There your students will be able to know more about mine and see their photos. Tomorrow I’ll put the data about Tuesday students. Yours could read about Mon, Tue, and Wed students but focusing on the last ones, as they are going to talk to them. Asking my students about their lives, something has called my attention: more than 90% of them don’t live with their parents. They live either with their mother, grandma or their father...It would be a good question to discuss with your students: do they live with their parents? How many of them just live with their mother or father? Violence and drug trafficking are something my students face in their
communities..and I know yours do also. We could think of a manner to make them see that no matter how far they are they have lots of things
in common, besides belonging to the same ethnic group in general...See you on Wednesday. God bless us all!!! ---Tyrone

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