Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Enough introductions...

Re: Re: Blog
Some of my students have already started to blog. I will tell them to do pictures too.

You are right. It is time to start exchanging ideas about our countries and our cultures.

Thanks for working with us this way. I believe the students will learn so much from it. We will be putting information on the bulletin boards in the hall, so other classes will know what we are doing.

Have a good day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 9:05 PM
Subject: Re: Blog

Hi Cathy!!!
This morning was so good, wasn't it ? My students liked it a lot!!! and me too! Well, I've seen that my ideas have been in line with yours!! In fact, I've been putting my students to write small texts about them for two classes - even today I started my class doing this again as what we had written last weekend was immediately lost after the the computers were turned off! (The tech man has installed a program,as they usually do in lan houses, that deletes everything that was saved before. Today they wrote a text about themselves and as I tried to put some photos of them in the blog, the computer restarted; and again what they had written was lost!! But it doesn't matter! I will suggest to the tech guy deleting such a program; in case it's not possible I will save students data in my e-mail or via pen drive and I'm gonna use such data afterward!

But next week your students will be able to know more about mine!! See you on Monday morning and/or Wednesday morning!!
PS: When classes finished today I felt very happy!! I suggest you to make a brainstorming activity with your students about Brazil, like: what do you know or have heard of Brazil? What comes to your mind when you think about Brazil? Next class we could discuss about their impressions - either negative or positive-, with my students, ok?

Cathy to Tyrone: September 17 am
What fun this morning! I don't think there was any problem because of age differences. You have some "fresh" little guys. :-) Have them go to Taking It Global and set up an account or have them go in under your name and write a comment introducing themselves. Stuff like My name is ..., I like to eat..., my favorite musician, rapper is....
It only needs to be a couple of sentences. Then they have a live audience to comment back.

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