Thursday, October 16, 2008

Encouragement to try new things... And shared Hope...

OCTOBER 16, 2008

I think that in a collaborative relationship, it is very important to encourage each other to try new things. I was a little resistant at first, but Tyrone was patient and my confidence has grown tremendously as a result.

The exciting part was to see our interest in each others' countries grow, and as a result the excitement spread to the students. Following is an e-mail from Tyrone:

"Good job, Cathy!! I am very proud of you and your students!! I confess to you that I got excited when I saw your pictures at Orkut!!! It seems that we are getting closer and matter that my students speak Portuguese and are younger than yours!!! My heart beats very excited, happy. For me, it is very important to be in touch with the other part of the diaspora. And now I can see that it is really possible to use technology to make the world a better place to live; to make our sense of humanity more intense; to wait for better days for all of us!!!

And I think we have given to our students - geography, English, history classes in a practical and amusing way; a sense that they belong to the same world...and so on and so forth!!!! Good job!!!

If you want to post texts at Orkut, it is possible. For instance, you can create an album about your school and to comment something about your school in this album; you can create other ones on your city, tourist places to go there; about each of your students and make them write something in such albums. In addition, you can upload some videos you find interesting and put them at Okut: for instance, videos of hip hop; rap; pedagogical ones; etc. So, this is how we can give an Orkut a pedagogical approach...

If you want to post your students' texts you can create a blog, using as I did and there they can write whatever they want. In case you don't find a site or something in which you can upload their work, you can e-mail them to me and then I can print them and work with them with my students... "

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