Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Forward ho...

September 10, 2008
So we tried to meet using SKYPE -- Conversation took place, with video but no audio -- and I have no idea why. Must be what the guy was talking about at NECC. Hmmm...maybe I'd better look back at those notes. Which I did...and yes, he talked about it, but I still have no clue...maybe they will have a better idea in Brazil.

From Tyrone, the eternal optimist:

"It was very good to see you today too. Unfortunately, we were able to see you and listen to you but we noticed you couldn't! I hope this problem is solved soon! And of course, it will!!! I had a meeting with the technician computer man last Thursday. And we tested the Skype and everything was ok, but today I couldn't work things out by myself so that we could have a chat. But as we say here in Brazil: " We are with the knife and the cheese in our hand", in other words, we have everything now, so nothing will make us giving up dreaming! Let's see whether it will be possible another meeting next week on Monday morning or Wednesday morning. Please tell me if these shifts are ok."

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