Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meet the students...

2 September 2008 - Labor Day - USA

So I have met the kids -- 3rd graders. How are we going to make this work? The 12th graders will be so bored they will do something stupid to embarrass me -- don't know if we should be doing this -- this will be the first impression these kids and this teacher will have of the United States. So I will write Tyrone:

"It was fun to talk to you and your kids on Monday.

Do you teach any high school classes? If so, I would like to have my kids blog with them also.

Have a good day!"

And his reply:
" I teach high school classes but unfortunately I do so in another school in which computers are not available. At Parque School, my students are those ones you saw on Monday. I'll ask the principal to teach high school students next year or teaching students of the community. If he accepts my suggestion, We'll be able to have a more meaningful conversation as students will be already or almost adults."

You will see as I go on that my fears were ungrounded. My seniors loved meeting the younger students, loved talking with Tyrone, and the girls were flattered by the admiring remarks of the 3rd graders.

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