Friday, September 11, 2009

Planning the assembly...

It is getting close to time for the assembly. Much planning is done to make them very similar. We will both use the banner used in D.C. at NECC 2009. We will follow a similar program. The following are e-mail exchanges.

Sept 11


Our assembly will be very beautiful! We are going to...

1- Listen to the Brasilian and American anthems;

2. Greet the audience and guests;

3- Read a welcoming message of yours and mine. (Yours can be via Voice Thread);

4- Call the principal, the coordinator and the superintendent of the State board to take their copies of the book;

5- Call students to read their poems and then take their own books.

6. Have a possible hello meeting with you about 10:30 am (our time), just for you to greet the students and see them with the books;

7. Students will have their names written in sheets of paper. They will be put inside a box; then, 4 sheets will be taken out of the box. Each one of the finding names will get a pen drive. (It was a way we found to guarantee that students will attend the assembly!)

8. End of the event.

PS: Folders on our project will be displayed during the event; there will also be a coffee break at a certain moment of the assembly. I think I will also exihibit your ISTE PPT on our project at the beggining of the event.

Cathy: 9/10

Awesome about the assembly! Yes, I will try to be there for the end with a VoiceThread to use in case the connection doesn't work. I will have Philip and Melanie record their poems on Voice Thread as well -- maybe a couple of others. What an awesome idea for the t-shirts! I will have to check into that too. This next week is so crazy that I am not sure what I will be able to make happen. But I will get Jaye to help and Sydney is trying to get more webcams by the end of next week. Time is getting away and I am excited and a little overwhelmed.

A whole year! Wow! Isn't this the most awesome project ever?

I will get busy. Good job on the invitation! Guess I need to get mine ready today. I think I may use the same picture.

September 9


Today my principal, the coordinator and I went to the State Board of Education. There we talked to the superintendent of supplies, who we invited to our book assembly. Of course, we took the opportunity to show her everything we have done during the period of a year. (Do you remember that we have been together for a year? Virtual contact between us really started in September of 2008!! And nothing will be better than celebrating such an anniversary with our book assembly. I hope you can accept the last suggestion I have made. Although we won’t be able to be online at the same time, at least we could see each other during a short period of time on September 23 as I have suggested to you...

Anyway, I am happy!!! Please see the invitation card we have prepared to send to the guests. I think we will have a beautiful celebration as the principal wants us to have a coffee break during the event; my coordinator wants to have some T-shirts printed on the event and so on and so forth... As you can see, I have lots of reasons to be happy....

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