Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On Escola Parque's assembly...

Tyrone: Needless to say that our assembly was a real success. I could explain the whole process of the Project Global Connections, since its beginning, a year ago. So, our school community now has a clear idea of who we are and how we have worked. I told the audience about the sites and the themes we have worked with during this period of a year. They could notice that our classes demand creativity, as we have to find solutions to talk about this or that theme with a suitable site. Of course, finding a suitable site to a certain activity is a process that requires willingness of both of us. In this sense, you and I have been open-minded teachers always willing to reach our goals and to improve the interaction between our students.

The special guests were a Board of Education lady, to whom I gave my monograph on Global Connections and Our “Facing the Future” book; and a colleague that works in our library to whom I gave my monograph and copies of our books, in order to allow students and interested people to have an access to our Project. Our principal was also a special guest, and he received the same referred material. People got excited with Global Connections and the book. And today I myself had the most important day of my professional career until now.

I know our partnership will last for a long period of time!!

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