Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On the assembly - outstanding success in both countries...

Cathy: The kids did such a good job with the assembly. Our guests were impressed. I was even impressed. Our special guests were the superintendent, a representative from the St. Clair Regional Office of Education, a pastor from a local church, a technology contractor who has given us much encouragement. All were presented copies of the book.

Everyone loved the VoiceThreads – not just the juniors and seniors, but everyone. Our kids tend to misbehave at assemblies, especially if they are bored. They were so well behaved today. They realize that we have something very special, and not every school has this kind of opportunity.

The reception was orderly and beautiful. The kids were proud of themselves, and the younger ones were proud of their friends who were involved in writing the book. Ready for the next book? Let's do it...

A few pictures are up on Orkut.

I feel relieved that it turned out so well. Again thanks to you and your students – you have made a difference in the United States.

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