Friday, September 18, 2009

An anniversary...


Have you realized that we are completing this month a year together? So, I had to prepare a PPT covering what we have done. You could use mine during your assembly, in case you haven't prepared anything yet, just adding or substituting some information about Lovejoy activities during this period. Please remember: We started Global Connections in September 2008 and the book is a good gift for both of us!!! (It is our anniversary cake.)



I am thinking it is time to get a reception going here at Lovejoy, too. So I call Sam's to see if they can do the logo on the cake. It does not surprise me when they want a letter of permission from Microsoft. I am ready for this. They will accept a printout of their online policy allowing it to be used for school projects. I learned well in June how to do this right!

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