Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reconnecting through Freedom Writers, TappedIn, blogs...

March 25, 2009

I will have the students look at your blogs. Wednesday, they joined my school blog ( and wrote about themselves. We have not put the pictures in yet. I should have them there by Monday. I hope to get back with you about the Tapped In site tomorrow (Friday). I will try to set up a spot for us to get on and chat. All of the students can be on the computers at the same time with us to discuss the movies real time. I will tell you more tomorrow.

The kids are very excited about reconnecting with you and your new students. Today we start Freedom Writers. ---Cathy

Sent: Wednesday,
March 25, 2009 7:57 PM

Subject: About my classes and the DVDs to be sent
Cathy, I have worked a lot with my new students. Last week they watched the movie, Freedom Writers, and some of them have already used the blog to write about themselves and to upload their photos. Today and yesterday they answered a questionnaire about the movie in pairs; their questionnaires can be read by your students in our blog, by using a translating tool such as the Google one.

They have been creating their own blogs and as soon as possible I will create a list of their blogs so that your students can add them and talk to them when they want.

My students are very responsible and attentive: Thank God they are high graders !!!! They saw your album on job shadowing!! They liked it a lot. Now they are not only able to know more about how Afro Americans live in the US; but also they are able to make a comparison between their expectations towards their professional future and your students'.

Listen, I will ask the coordinator tomorrow to send you the copies of the two movies I have told you: the 1st one is related to our public educational system in towns of the countryside of Brazil; the other one is related to a documentary on teen pregnancy. It is very good because they show the real life of 4 girls from Rio de Janeiro. By the way, they both are subscribed in English.

I am still waiting for your explanation on how I can use the the TappedIn site. Although I created my own account there, I don't know how to use it properly...

I hope your problems at school can be solved as soon as possible. I know how terrible it is working in a violent and stressing environment....

Please ask your students to have a look at our blog. There they will be able to see our students' profile and questionnaire on the movie watched.

God bless us all!!! --- Tyrone

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