Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back in the swing of things...

March 11, 2009

Tyrone, The students loved the cards. They were very proud of them. Mine is pinned up beside my desk.

Job shadowing is when students are set up with someone who does the job or career they hope to do. For example, if they are interested in a medical career they will go to the hospital and see the different kinds of jobs or perhaps just one if they already know they want to be a nurse. They spend time with a person who does that job and they can ask questions. We are so fortunate that at Scott Air Force Base they have most jobs that are also available in the civilian world. Because we are partners with the African American Association, they set it all up for us. I just turn in a list of students and the jobs they want to follow or “shadow.” This time they were with medical, legal, engineering, and graphic arts. I believe I told you only 12 went.

This weekend I will upload the pictures to Orkut. I will also have my students introduce themselves at one spot. That is a good idea. Are you going to add to the old blog or start a new one? Let’s plan on the introductions in the next week. The seniors have been very lazy and are behind on their work. So they are not happy with me right now. Then we can start with “Freedom Writers.” I have to find a copy of it. It has been on TV, but I am not sure where I can find it. I will though. The teacher portrayed in the movie is a keynote speaker at the conference in Washington DC. I will already be on the way back home. I will have to see if I can contact her somehow to get to meet her.

If I remember correctly, there was a two hour time difference from Brooklyn to Salvador when we first started. My seniors meet at 8:20; so that would be 10:20 your time. Your students would be back from their break. I only have mine until 9:15 and Monday through Friday.

I am so happy that we will be working together again. It is the bright spot in my day. ---Cathy

March 11, 2009 12:45 PM

Subject: About my new students and ideas

Hi, Cathy!! It is so good being in touch with you!!! I have started working since February. But, as Parque School is a special one, classes started there last Monday...

This year, the majority of my students will be from high school. They are more responsible than those ones of last year. I have told them about the Project “Global Connections” and they are very excited about knowing you. I will use the blog next week for them to upload their photos and texts about their lives.

I will try to find the movies you have suggested. I think we could start by watching Freedom Writers. Afterwards, we could decide the other ones to be watched. Do you agree with me? I will try to send you the Brazilian movies I have suggested to you. Yes, they have subscripts in English. “Meninas” is a documentary about teen girls from Rio de Janeiro that get pregnant at the age of 13, 14 to 15...It is very good! The other one is about our public educational system. It shows how students struggle to study in 3 towns of Brazil, in different regions: one in Rio de Janeiro; other ones in the state of Pernambuco and in São Paulo. They also show students of private schools. It is very good to establish a comparison between both systems: public and private.

I received the lapel pin. It is very beautiful! I hope it brings luck for you in Washington DC. It is marvelous to know about your Daylight Savings Time! At least we will be able to connect our classes without that hurry. I will have classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. They start at 8 am and finish at 11:30. You used to be online at about 11:15 or 11 am. So, we didn’t have much time to be in touch, but I think with your Daylight Savings Time things will be better. By the way, we have a break from 9:30 am to 10:00am. It would be just a matter to make an agreement about the time of connection...

As I told you, the majority of my students are high graders, but there are some of them in the 7th or 8th grade. So, if you want to introduce your juniors to our projects will be a pleasure.

I hope all of the students are fine. Say hello to all of them. Tell Y--- and D--- that I wish good luck for them and their babies!

Could you please tell me how they received the Christmas cards? Did they like them?

I am sorry but what is “a job shadowing day”?

I will suggest my students to create their own blogs at BlogSpot, but I think it is a good idea to keep the first blog as it gives them a sense of belonging to a group. What do you think about it?

Although I don’t know the Tapping in, I will try to use it. Afterwards, I will give an answer about it.

By the way, please don’t forget our Orkut and blog. My students will be updating these tools.

I am here, back to work!!!! Tchau! ---Tyrone

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