Saturday, May 23, 2009

Financial difficulties worldwide...

May 21, 2009

This correspondence is a little out of order. It came to me before Class Day. In the United States budget cuts to education are discussed by our government and fought by our teachers unions. In Brasil, the government starts shutting down the schools. Imagine the distress with this e-mail from Tyrone...

"The international crisis has also reached our country and its effect has been felt in Education. As you know, Parque School is a special one, as students have a full time education here. They have two times for a snack here and the lunchtime. We have almost 5.000 students and government spends lots of money to keep the school. Due to the crisis, federal government has cut the educational money, and our school hasn't had money to guarantee students lunch. This is the reason why, from next Monday on, classes will be from 8am to 10am. After that, students will go to their houses, have lunch there, and go to one of their 5 Class Schools.

I will go on doing my job with you. Regarding the virtual contact, I will try to be in touch with you via Skype about 9:30, is it possible? It is something temporary, I mean, it will last till the day our financial problems be solved by the government. I will let you know everything about it, ok? Don't worry!! We have to have hope as your boys and girls say!!!" ---Tyrone

Students in the United States are so fortunate that education is valued. Lovejoy students have learned that this year.

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