Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Dream Come True... by Cathy

Tyrone was selected to be the only public school teacher in a delegation of Brasilian educators to the United States. It was totally unacceptable to me for him to come to our country and the two of us not meet. I requested permission to take a day to go and that was granted...until...I told my students. Kathryn immediately wanted to know why the seniors could not go too. After all, he is their teacher too. So we went back to the drawing board. Thanks to some generous donors, the superintendent and I took 4 seniors with us to Dallas.

The time that we spent there was a culturally enriching experience for the students as well as Tyrone. We surprised him at his hotel when he arrived. In the picture is Derrick, Cathy, Tyrone, Dominic, Maya, Kathryn, and superintendent, Rae Parks.

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  1. Beautiful text, dear! I thank you all for your precious effort to go to Dallas in order to see me!!!

    God bless you!!!