Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brazil, Germany & USA: For a Three Flag Project

With the arrival of young German student Laura Gispert to Salvador, Brasil in order to estabilish a partership with Escola Parque, more specifically with the Global Connections project, Cathy McDonald suggested a possible three flag project, comprising German, Brasilian and American Students. Thinking about Cathy’s suggestion, ideas of a possible 3-flag project were given to Laura and Cathy thru e-mail by Tyrone Santiago:

Cathy & Laura,

Laura, Cathy McDonald, my American colleague, made a suggestion of a possible 3-flag project among us. I started thinking about it. See whether it is possible or not a publishing of our Indian State Project on your German newspaper. This way we would have a German collaboration in the process. What do you think? As you have not been teaching yet... We could consider this newspaper article as one of the final parts of the project... What do you think?
If we had a subject that could be researched by our students in Brazilian, German and American culture... maybe the educational systems of the 3 countries.... Questions such as: Is an 18-year-old person mature enough to make their professional decisions? How do Brasilians, Americans and Germen deal with this? We could ask our students to describe this educational matter in the 3 countries and give their own opinions on this subject. If possible, Laura could make an interview,virtual or not, with 18 to 20 young Germen about it in order to add this information to our project.... What do you, Laura & Cathy, think about this?

PS: Laura could use her colleagues or ex-colleagues as the source of information.

See Laura how we are all the time thinking about things and projects... lol.

E-mail sent on July 10th, 2010 to both Cathy McDonald and Laura Gispert.

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