Wednesday, July 2, 2008

NECC 2008 - San Antonio

June, 2008
5th Day
- Home again. Talk about Information Overload. Somehow I will have to organize all this stuff. I can't believe how busy we were. Too bad its two months until school starts. I will forget half of what I learned before we go back.

4th Day - Went to the exhibit hall with an agenda today. I wanted to talk to people at certain booths about problems we are having with their equipment and/or programs. Got lots of good answers. So glad I talked to them.

3rd Day - Met Nadyne today. As nice as I would have guessed. I hope we get her again for the next Capstone course. Listened to a guy from Ireland talk about global connections. Some of it was fascinating. Some of it I have no idea what he was talking about. Oh well, I've got the notes for what it is worth. Went through the exhibit hall -- what am I going to do with all this stuff. Glad my suitcase expands.

2nd Day - Podcasting - This sounds interesting. I stayed so confused. Saw a great YouTube spoof on Disney and plagiarism. It really seems to be quite the big deal. Of course, I knew about copyright laws on print material. I hadn't really thought about it much in relationship to video and audio in the classroom. Never did get an actual podcast done. They needed a whole room full of instructors for one on one help.

1st Day - Oh, my aching head -- talk about information overload. We came early to catch a seminar on grant writing. I don't like numbers -- never did, never will. Why do I let Dr. Parks talk me into these things?

Heading for NECC in San Antonio -- still don't know why it is called a computing conference -- I think it is time for them to upgrade the name to technology conference -- there is too much going on there.

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